Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Using onmarket.us site (including visits, registering, adding advertisements and other services used by site) implies unconditional acceptance of all the rules defined in the Terms and Conditions of this site.

On Market reserves the right to update these Terms at any time without prior notice to users of the site.


- On Market Website - represents all its pages and sections, including announcements and materials used at the time of publication of the ads (pictures, description of products and services, contact details). Websites and web pages that can be accessed from this site are not part of this definition.

- User - any natural or legal person who accesses the site and is interested in available materials on the website and use the services available on this site.

- Ad - user published ads on the website in order to promote user products or services.

- Operator - person responsible for verification and moderation of this website.

Terms of Use

1. The user may use the services of this site, as long as they comply with the conditions of use.

2. The user assumes responsibility for the content of ads published.

3. The user declares that holds all copyright or intellectual property content published on the site (including text, photos, contacts, etc).

4. The completion and publication of the ads, the User declares that agrees unconditionally with all the terms of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

5. In addition to the information related to his own ads, user is forbidden to take any information from this website (text ads, contacts, images, etc.)

6. Ads must comply with the ads category in which they were published. Otherwise it can be deleted.

7. The administration reserves the right to periodically delete expired advertisements, especially those published by unregistered users.

8. It is prohibited to publish any ads which violates US legislation or any of the terms of the Terms and Conditions of this site.
It is prohibited to publish ads for:
- Drugs, erotic or obscene material
- Services riddle, tarot or similar activities
- Goods obtained by theft, fraud or any other crime
- Dangerous goods for human life and health
- Goods or services which does not exist
- Human organs
- Sex
- Arms, ammunition or explosives
- Promoting activities that promotes violence, xenophobia, public disorder, propaganda, disinformation, etc.

This list of prohibited items or services is not exhaustive. Any ads that promote services or items that violates US legislation or this Regulation will be deleted without notice.

9. On Market site administrator reserves the right to use the content of ads published on the site (including product descriptions, pictures, contacts, etc.) for website promotion services. By acceptance of Terms and Conditions of this site the publication of a notice, the User also agrees to allow the right to use all material in the ad without any claim of any kind to On Market website administration.

10. In case of detection of irregularities of ads they will be deleted, and in case of serious or repeated irregularities administration may block that user's account.

11. In case an ad content does not comply with the terms and conditions of this site, this deviation can be reported using the link "Report abuse" present on the ad page.

12. In case you encounter any technical problems while using this site, you may report this issue using the Feedback functionality present on every page of the site.