About site

Although there are already a lot of classified ad sites, some of them well known by most users, however I decided to launch this project.

You will probably ask Why?
Reasons are many, but I want to list just a few of them.

Using all of these sites you already known, sometimes there is feeling of frustration because things are not as we would like to be. Maybe there are some shortcomings to easily search and you can not find what you want. Or there is too much useless information which hinders our navigation. Or any other reason which already passed through your mind when using these sites.

Another reason is that when I see a problem and I have the ability to do something to solve it - I can not stay indifferent not take anything, to try to make things better.

I know that I'm just starting out and still there are a lot of things that can be improved, but I will try to make things easier and more enjoyable to use.